funny story: this scene was actually improvised. the script originally called for pikachu to roll over onto his side and deliver a line that went “good battling today ash. can we get ihop in the morning?” but during filming, pikachu started thinking about how his real life trainer never hugged him and also will smith’s dad, so he delivered this amazing performance all off the top of his head. the animator was like whoa wtf. what a brilliant moment.

That nice feel when you wish someone a happy birthday on Facebook and they like and comment on it and not on everyone elses





This is the T2T or Tongue to Teeth toothbrush. It slips on your tongue and then you lick your teeth with to clean them.The brush has toothpaste built in and was designed to be a disposable device to clean your teeth and freshen your breath while on the go and you can’t use your hands

#one step closer to being a cat

Cant wait to eat some ass with this

That is not the intended use, sir.


What You Need - The Weeknd

if you would have told me the first time i heard this song that the guy who sung it looked like this vvvvvv i would have punched you in the mouth